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Week 2



In English this week we will be continuing to read Journey to Jo'burg, chapters 2 and 3. We will be using inference to determine how the characters are feeling. We will then be looking at two sides of an argument when the characters are faced with a dilemma in chapter 3. This book addresses the thoughts and feelings of black children growing up in South Africa during apartheid. The children will have lots of opportunities to talk about this in school, but they may also want to talk about it at home. 



On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the children will be learning how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000, including decimals. They will then be using this understanding to solve problems. 

On Thursday and Friday they will be learning to recognise and classify triangles and to measure and order angles. 


Children In Need 2020

Today we joined in with the final 15 minutes of Joe Wicks' 24-hour workout challenge to show our support for all the fund raising that he has done for this year for Children In Need. Well done Joe Wicks!!


We have found out about Alexander Graham Bell today. We made our own paper cup phones and discovered that sound travels through solid mediums effectively as vibrations were transmitted into the taut string and travelled from one end of the phone to the other.