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Week 2

It has been a productive (despite the heat and hay fever) week in 5/6B. The children have, as always, been enthusiastic and excited about their learning. What always impresses me about the class is their kindness that they show to each other. There have been several times this week where individuals have gone out of their way to make a classmate feel included. 


In shared reading we have finally finished Shackleton's Journey. The children had their most asked question answered, 'Did all the crew survive?' We have all loved the book and have been inspired by Shackleton and his leadership and care for his crew. We looked at the final stage of his adventure and looked at what makes a good leader and then answered some questions on the text. In English we have been looking at Shackleton's log entries for his expedition and then the children wrote their own based on certain point of the expedition. It was good to see the children work on a type of writing that they hadn't seen before and learn to be succinct in what they were doing. In maths we tackled the always fun area of ratio. It was a first for the children and also a first for me as despite teaching in 5/6 for nine years I have yet to teach ratio. As always we went into it with a positive attitude and it so good to see the children really embrace the mantra that mistakes don't matter. With all that being said the class really took to ratio and as the week progressed they were answering much higher level questions with confidence. In geography we continued our study of rivers by branching out from the UK and used atlases to find the major rivers of the world. The children then marked them on the map and looked at their source, the mouth of the river and the countries that they pass through. Some children even attempted to calculate the length of the river. In DT the children worked in pairs preparing salad. The children used knives, peelers and graters to prepare various vegetables and at the end of the lesson tried some of the food. It was great to see the children trying lots of different food types and I think there may be a few parents that will have requests for pomegranates on the weekly shopping list. In PE this week the children were working on their batting skills in cricket. We specifically looked at front foot shots with the children looking at the forward drive and forward defence shots. There was an impressive array of batting talent and I was delighted to see some children who had never held a cricket bat before quickly pick up on the skills being taught. Finally in RE the children explored the idea of justice and how it relates to some stories in the bible and in wider life. 


This week also was the week in which we celebrate Day of the African Child. Each year we spend time learning about our link school in Bo, Sierra Leone. The children watched an assembly led by Mrs Newbold who explained about her time spent in Sierra Leone a few years ago. The children found the pictures very interesting and it really made us reflect on how lucky we are with all that we have at St Paul's. The children then designed their own school for the future and carefully considered what it would need and how it would benefit those who go to it. The completed designs will then be sent to MP Matt Western with the hope that he will consider discussing it in parliament. 


This weeks song choice saw a change of plan. I was going to have a football themed anthem but being a superstitious England fan and knowing from bitter experience what happens when you tempt fate I am going to leave it. I have gone with a band I very much doubt the children will have heard of Stand Atlantic. A band hailing from Australia they were the last band I saw at a gig (remember those) before Covid raised its ugly head. Here's hoping for the return of live music soon. 




Mr H

Stand Atlantic - Lavender Bones

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