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Week 2

2nd week back and the children are back into the full swing of school life. We've had heat waves and heavy rain but also lots of fun this week in our learning. On Wednesday we took part in The Day of the African Child where we linked up virtually to 17 other schools in the Leamington area and also some schools in Africa so share our work with the One World Link and learn some new skills. We did an African drumming workshop with our own African drums and make a lot of noise! We did an African dance class and got very hot and sweaty. We ended the day with our own presentation about how St Paul's have got on with our work with the One World Link. The children were so well behaved and gave all of the workshops their 100% effort. I was so proud of them all. We've also been keeping track of our caterpillars and watching them grow. We were astonished how much they'd grown over the weekend and this morning we noticed that they've started the next part of their growing journey and begun to attach themselves to the lid. I'm excited to see what they've done over the weekend! See photos bellow for their progress. 

Here's what else we've been doing:


Maths: We finished off our geometry work by making 3D shapes from nets and we've now started fractions looking at equal parts, whole objects and halves.


English - We finished writing our scripts at performed our news broadcasts. We certainly have some budding news anchors in the room!


Art - We reminded ourselves about canopic jars and designed our own using the heads of the Gods and hyroglifics. 


P.E - We took our Tee ball to the next level by introducing some new rules to the game and many of us managed to hit the ball much further this week! Great progression year 3!


R.E - We continued our work on the story of Noah's Ark but today focused on the perspective of God and the qualities he had. We then linked this to the school and the wider world. 


Reminders: Please make sure the children come into school on Monday's and Tuesday's in their correct P.E kit. Also, we are still on the hunt for Pringle/kitchen roll tubes for an art project if anyone can send them into school.


Enjoy the weekend (be it wet!) and as always, I look forward to greeting you all on Monday morning. Let's see how our class pets have got on over the weekend!


Miss Woodcock