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Week 2

It has been an action-packed week in 5/6B! The children have been working hard and also enjoying the continued good weather, particularly as it means access to the field. On Thursday we had our individual and class photos which is always a fun time. The children will be coming home with a QR code for parents to scan. Photos should be available to view over the weekend and using the code you can make your purchases.


Learning wise this week we have been busy! In both English and shared reading the children have been studying Antarctica. We have been looking at books and also watched the nations grandad David Attenborough presenting the Antarctica episode of Seven Worlds One Planet. The children are now experts on the wildlife, weather and geography of the southern continent. All of this is building up to the children writing their own non-chronological report about Antarctica in a couple of weeks time. In maths we revisited multiples, factors, square and cube numbers with the children looking at patterns, problems and practical experiments involving these different types of numbers. It was good to see the children beginning to form links in their learning. In history we looked at Mayan gods and the Mayan creation story with the children learning about each of the Mayan gods and also drawing a part of the creation story. In PE we continued athletics with the children attempting a javelin throw, the triple jump and having another bash at the 60 metre sprint. I am excited to see how many o9f 5/6B will be competing in the 2028 game in Los Angeles. Finally in RE the class began their study of the gospel, this is a really interesting topic in RE and actually brings in elements of not just RE but also theology. 


Just a quick reminder that as the weather continues to improve it is really important that the children are wearing sun cream, have a hat and most importantly bring a drinks bottle to school with them. I am always keen to be outside as much as I can but we have also got to be sensible, hot children are rarely happy children. 


Finally this weeks song choice is by my favourite band, Yellowcard and my favourite song by them. The children have clocked that there is a definite genre of music that I favour so next week I will attempt something different for those of you that eagerly await the song each week. 




Mr H

Yellowcard - Cut Me, Mick

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