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Week 2

Hello 5/6B. Well, this is the last weekly update that I will write before welcoming you all back on Monday. I know that Mrs Young is very excited to see you all on Monday morning and I will be there in the front playground to wave you in. I am so, so excited to teach you all on Tuesday, although it will be the first time I have stood in front of a class since December so you may have to bare with me if I am a little out of practice. We have got lots to look forward to next week and we will make sure we have plenty of time to just spend time together as a class. I know that lots of you will have worries and anxieties about returning, please know you will not be the only one and if you need to chat to me in the next couple of days then just let me know. 


It has been a mad couple of months but I think I will always look back fondly at this period of time. Although we have had to get used to a new way of learning (and teaching) the way you have risen to the challenge shows how wonderful you all are. I have said it before but you all have been a constant source of laughter and inspiration for me. The quizzes, origami sessions, teddy bear dress ups, pictionnary games, live lessons and general hilarity have made the last few weeks so much easier. Thank you 5/6B. 


Today is World Book Day and you all know I am a huge advocate (there is your word for the week) of a good book. I can't wait to dive back into The Hobbit when we return but in the meantime I am looking forward to seeing your costumes later on today. If dressing up isn't your thing then send me a picture of your favourite book or the book you are currently reading. It is so important to read, it can be relaxing, therapeutic and a form of escapism. 


Your song this week is by a band called Paramore. A great band with some great songs and a lead singer with constantly changing hair colours. After my humiliation in Diarnae's music quiz have a dose of some good music. 


Stay safe and see you soon, 


Mr H

Paramore: Hard Times

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