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Week 1 w/c 07.06.21

WOW !  What a great start to the last Summer half term 2C have had!  We have been really busy growing our learning outdoors as much as possible this week now the warm, dry weather has arrived.  Take a look at what we've been up to...

Congratulations to this week's School Values Award winner...

In MATHS, we have been looking at POSITION and DIRECTION.  We have been learning to follow and write instructions using key vocabulary like UP, DOWN (objects), FORWARDS, BACKWARDS (living things) LEFT and RIGHT.  At the end of the week we began investigating TURNS.  We have enjoyed lots of practical work !

Following instructions including use of the compass points and key vocabulary

Creating our own mazes to add in more key vocabulary about making turns

Our ENGLISH lessons began with a treasure hunt for clues on Monday,  The children then made a guess on what (or who!) we would be studying this half term after discussing the pictures and phrases they found.  A good time was had by all and we have continued by learning more facts about the life of the significant author William Shakespeare.  

On FRIDAY afternoon we loved our PE time.  We have begun a unit of work called PLAYGROUND ATHLETICS.  We split into 2 groups; one group practised their throwing skills whilst the other group their running and turning skills.  Then we swapped over.  Unfortunately, Mrs Leng forgot the ipad to take some pictures.  Report card:  Must do better next time !  laugh

Mrs Leng did remember the camera for our gardening session though !  Weeding and watering were top of the list.  We were amazed at how much everything has grown, including the weeds.  We did have our 1st gardening disappointment - which we took in our stride very well.  Sometime between Friday afternoon and Monday morning a creature dug up most of our potatoes. We tried to rescue them but unfortunately, they were too far gone.  After some research, we think maybe a fox was after them for their water content in the hot weather spell we've been having.  The children kindly put a tub of water down in case "Mr Fox"  returns.  

We are very proud of our veggie beds...