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Week 1

It has been great to have the children back after half-term and lovely to be greeted with so many smiling faces.

This week in shared reading we have been reading more about Shackleton and this week found out what happened when The Endurance eventually succumbed to the pressures of the ice. The children did some work on specific words and using dictionaries to find the meaning and then writing their own sentences. They also did some artwork visualising what the crew may have seen as they arrived on the relative sanctuary of Elephant Island. In English the children have been honing their sales skills by producing an advert/sales brochure for The Polaris (later The Endurance). The children spent time looking at some examples of adverts and sales brochures and picking out specific features such as hyperbole and rhetorical questions. It was good to see some of our budding sales people make themselves known to the class with well placed exaggeration and lots of different facts and opinions.

In maths we have been comparing and ordering fractions, decimals and percentages. The children enjoyed applying their known skills to this new area and did some great work. We have then been looking at finding percentages of whole numbers, a useful life skill!

In geography we started our new project, Raging Rivers. We spent the first lesson using maps and atlases to find the various rivers in the UK and looked at what the mouth and the source of the river means.

In DT we began our new project based around world foods and healthy eating. The children learnt about the different food groups, the importance of water and fibre and also which foods contain which vitamins and minerals. The children then started to complete their own food diaries with the aim to analyse what their diet looks like.

In RE the children also started a new topic, Freedom. This week the children have been looking at what freedom means to different world religions.

Wishing you all a wonderful sunny weekend,

Mrs Williams and Mrs Young.

Shared Reading - visualising text

Geography - Water cycles and rivers and seas of the UK

Food - Eatwell Guide and Nutritional information