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Week 1

What a hot and sunny week it's been here in 3A! We were graced with some class pets this week (caterpillars) which we are looking after as they grow into butterflies. Manav and Macey have taken charge of looking after them and we enjoy looking at them through a magnifying glass each day to see how they've grown and how active they are becoming. We've started sending out some BRAND NEW books to children who consistently bring in their school reading book and the children are enjoying reading some great quality stories.


Here's what we've been up to this week:


English: We have started looking at 'The Egyptian Echo' which is our key text for this half term and is an Egyptian newspaper. We've been looking at the features and language used in newspapers and been writing our own scripts for news broadcasts based on a real life Egyptian discovery back in April 2021.


Maths: We've been recapping our work on 2 and 3D shapes and used marshmallows and cocktail sticks to build 3D shapes. It was sticky, but super fun! 


Guided reading: We are looking at postcards this week as the genre and focusing on writing a letter back based on what we've read.


History: We had a super lesson learning about mummification and even mummifying our own tomatoes! We are looking forward to seeing how they turn out in a few weeks.


R.E: We looked at the story of Noah's ark and what qualities made God choose Noah.


Art: We learnt about mummification and specifically what the canopic jars look like that the Egyptians put organs into.


P.E: We started a new topic this half term - Tee ball. It's a good step before rounders and we had some good shots reaching across the field! It certainly kept the fielders on their toes!


It's been lovely to have you all back this week and get you outside eating your lunches. Thank you all for coming back in such a positive mood and giving 100% effort to the active lessons we have done.


Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday!



Miss Woodcock smiley