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Wk 1 - 2/9

This week we got off to an amazing start by designing Magic 100 squares and sharing facts about ourselves and creating scrapbook pages 'All About Me!'

The children were super creative and it's been a real pleasure  reading them and learning all about each other.


Next, we shared our thoughts about tricky times -building resilience, staying positive and being brave.  We looked at the Charlie Macksey book 'The boy,the mole,the fox and the horse" for inspiration then created our own.  How brilliant are these! We are so impressed with our class-I think we could publish our own book with the talent shown here!


We also listened to the song 'When I Grow Up' by the cast of Matilda.  We thought of all the incredible careers we may have and what we could do to achieve that dream.  


We will share those next week.