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Week 1

Hello everyone and welcome back.


What a wonderful sunny week we've had to celebrate the start of a new term.  We hope you've all had a lovely and restful Easter break.

It has been such a treat to have our class  back, see so many smiling faces and hear their stories about seeing grandparents and friends. Life slowly returning to normal.  Let's hope we get to complete a full Summer Term as we have so many fun things planned.


The children were straight back into their learning this week and have been introduced to our new book (Shackleton's Journey) and new topic focus -The Mayans.

In shared reading we have focused on the opening pages of Shackleton's Journey and looked at coming up with our own questions about the book, then  answering some questions on what we had learnt and finally preparing a character profile of Shackleton. In English, again using Shackleton's Journey, we researched the crew of the ship and the jobs that they did and then prepared letters of application for a role on the Endurance. we very much enjoyed reading the children's inventive reasons for why they would make an excellent part of the crew.

In maths we have been revisiting multiplication and division and using these skills to solve one and two step word problems. We have had a focus on times tables too as these are such a key skill.  if you haven't already please make sure your children are regularly logging in to TimetableRockstars and Mathletics.  A little a day really does work wonders.

In science the children began looking at forces and understanding the impact that gravity has on how we live. In history we looked at The Mayan Civilization and used various maps to look at where the civilization was in Central America. In PE we began our run of lessons based on athletics starting with long jump, 60m sprint and the vortex throw where Freddie and Hanna discovered new skills!

For St George's day the children were set a challenge-to recreate the painting of Rider St. George by Kandinsky.  Kandinsky used colour and shape to provoke emotions in the person looking at his work.  The children took this approach very seriously and started to create backgrounds that aim to make you feel uplifted, scared, calm or excited in different parts. They loved it.


Have a lovely sunny weekend and again, thank you so much for all your continued support.  


Mrs Young, Mrs Williams and Mrs Wellicome.

PS As the warm weather looks set to continue please make sure your children have a water bottle in school at all times.