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Week 1

Wow, what a great first week back we've had! The sun has been shining and all the children have got stuck into their work and school life. 


Here's what we've been up to:


English - we have been reading an alternative traditional tale, 'The Egyptian Cinderella' and comparing how it is the same and different to the classic tale of Cinderella. We've ordered the events of the story and acted it out (see photos bellow).


Maths - we've been practising our number bonds to 100 using part, part whole models and practising missing number addition and subtraction work.


P.E - we had some fun rounders based matches on Tuesday and celebrated St George's Day on Friday with some traditional folk dancing.


History - We've learnt lots about the Egyptian's so far and did a whole art morning on Monday where we made ourselves into pharaohs. We've learnt about what the River Nile was used for in ancient Egypt and about when the civilisation happened in history.


Science - this week we've looked at the Eatwell Guide to know what our bodies need to get the right nutrition and the traffic light system used on pre-packed food to tell us if it is healthy or unhealthy. We designed our own meal with all 5 of the food groups covered.


Thank you 3A for a wonderful first week back! Spelling tests will resume next week and I hope the lovely weather does too!


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Woodcock