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Week 1

It has been lovely to welcome back the children after the Easter Holidays and even more lovely that we didn't have another lockdown thrown into the mix (long may this continue). The children have settled right back into the routines with the first challenge being confused as to why I was in class on a Monday. A reminder that my days in class are now Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday mornings. Thursday Mrs Lee will be taking the class and Friday afternoons it will be Mrs Rabidas (as has been the case since September). 


We have dove straight back into our learning this week and have introduced both our new book (Shackleton's Journey) and new topic focus (The Mayans). In shared reading we have focused on the opening pages of Shackleton's Journey and looked at coming up with our own questions about the book, then looking at answering some questions on what we had learnt and finally preparing a character profile of Shackleton. In English, again using Shackleton's Journey, we researched the crew of the ship and the jobs that they did and then prepared letters of application for a role on the Endurance. In maths we have been revisiting multiplication and division and looking at working with more complex numbers including decimal numbers. In science the children began looking at forces and understanding the impact that gravity has on how we live. In history we looked at The Mayan civilization and used various maps to look at where the civilization was in Central America. In PE we began our run of lessons based on athletics which with a bit of luck will help if Sports Day is to take place this year. 


It was great to see the children get straight back into their learning and to see their smiling faces. With the weather getting better and now having access to the school field there were lots of reasons to be positive. I even got to have a game of basketball with some of the year 5 boys, although I remembered after 5 minutes why I never took the sport up professionally.


The song choice for this week is by Two Door Cinema Club. Great tune, upbeat and happy. Just what we all need at the moment. 




Mr H

Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know

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