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Week 1

Hello 5/6B! This week we all got the news that we have been waiting to hear, schools are opening again for everyone on Monday 8th March! I am so, so excited to see all of you face-to-face very soon. It feels like such a long time since we have all been together and seeing our classroom so empty has been really sad at times. There will be more information for you and your parents in this weeks newsletter so make sure you keep an eye out for that.


This week it has been great to catch up with all of you during our Teams sessions. As usual Wednesday was a highlight with the usual quizzes, pictionary and random chats as well as an attempt at some origami with one group (it didn't go well). It was lovely to see you all and see how excited you are to return (school isn't that bad is it). 


Next week we have got St David's Day and World Book Day to look forward to. I have sent you all an invite for an additional Teams meeting on Thursday 4th March. If you wish to dress up for World Book Day but will be at home this will be a chance for us to all see your costume and we can even vote for our favourite, chocolate bar for the winner!


As always keep sending the work you are doing through to me by email or on Teams, I look every day and will email you with my feedback. This week's song is by a band called Ok Go. They are known for doing slightly different videos with dance routines and odd equipment, I think this video will make you laugh. I saw them live a long time ago and from memory they performed the dance on stage. Enjoy. 


Stay safe and speak soon, 


Mr H

OK Go - Here It Goes Again

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