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Week 5

Another week has flown by and as always the children in 5/6B have been working hard and impressing with their positive attitudes. It is also nice to see some warmer weather meaning that the children have been able to spend more time outside. Long may that continue!


This week in English we planned the final part of our Greek myth, this time focussing on the hero/heroine of the story. The children then began to start writing their myth focussing on all that we have learnt so far. They promise to be excellent pieces of writing and will be on display on the class page next week. In maths we have been continuing our study of geometry and this week have turned our attention to angles, in particular finding missing angles on a straight line and around a point. The children have also been practicing measuring and drawing a range of angles using a protractor. In geography we have enjoyed finding out about how different mountain types are formed and conducted experiments involving icing sugar, tin foil, balloons, sand and water. It was a fun-filled afternoon with varying successes. In PE we have been again taking part in team-building activities with the children working brilliantly together. 


We have spent a lot of time since the children returned to school doing small Thrive sessions. We have had a particular focus on mental health and have spent time discussing how we feel returning to school. I have been so proud to see the children be so open and honest about their feelings, even when they have found it difficult they have been willing to try and explain their emotions. It is a difficult time and as much as school is happy and safe place we know lots of people have got their own challenges. 5/6B have once again show that they are a caring, empathetic and kind group of children. 


Today's song is a classic from the nineties. Slide Away by Oasis. A great song and one the children enjoyed listening to in class. Talks are on-going about the launch of a 5/6B compilation album, watch this space. 




Mr H

Oasis - Slide Away