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W/C 5th October

Our celebration collective worship on a Friday still takes place in our class bubbles but up until now we have missed out on the house point trophy winner and sharing the awarding of certificates.  We have now added House News under the Children's section of the website and whilst looking at that on Friday, 2C had a brilliant idea. enlightened  They asked if the person who was awarded the class values certificate could have their photo on our class web page.  Of course, I agreed as this is something that I can actually do for them at the minute.  (Subject to parental permissions of course). 


I hope you enjoy sharing our children's successes. smiley      

This week the SCHOOL VALUES certificate was awarded to ...

What a busy week!  We have continued to enjoy working with clay in ART.  Our coil pots were amazing, I hope they now have a special place in your homes after being sent home on Friday.   We completed our Significant People unit of work in HISTORY by making a poster of the nurse we would like others to remember the most for their contributions.  We also rounded off our TAKING CARE programme by completing our network hand of trusted adults.  The children now understand 2 important messages; we all have the right to feel safe all the time and we can talk to someone about anything, even if it feels awful or small. As usual, we have had great fun in PE, although the weather did keep us indoors for one of our sessions.  It didn't stop us improving our passing the baton technique in relay, practicing our throwing and catching skills and showing off our control skills with a football.  Plus we squeezed a speed bounce practice - this is one of the activities on the Infant Agility Inter School Competition we will be entering. 

In English, we have begun our new unit of work based around the Mini Grey texts Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey and Traction Man is Here, fitting in with our Superheroes theme.  The children have consolidated their previous learning in labelling a picture and writing a caption and moved on by upgrading their labels to noun phrases and using conjunctions in their captions.  Their list making has progressed to writing a sentence using commas and the word "and".  

Our English Texts...