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W/C 21st September

The focus for this half term's ART is CLAY.   We began our unit of work with a local history lesson about how the digging of clay to make bricks helped to form the Campion Hills as we know them today.  We explored old pictures of the Leamington and Lillington brick factories and old OS maps showed us where they where located.   We checked to see if any of us lived in today's roads and streets that once were home to one of these factories or kilns.  We even got to hold a L&L Brickwork Ltd brick - it was VERY heavy !  We then watched a clip showing how bricks are made today.  Each of our following sessions will focus on a clay skill - rolling, cutting, making shapes, joining, pinch pots and coil pots. 


See our rolling, cutting and shape skills below. 

In English, we have been re-visiting alphabetical order, lists, labels and captions - all with a superhero theme!  We have been consolidating our alphabetical order knowledge during our independent Guided Reading activity with words from our non-fiction texts as well as finding examples of labels and captions.
This week we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s in Maths.  We can count forwards and backwards (although this is a little tricky!) We have been identifying patterns and exploring different representations.   We then used our knowledge to solve word problems, first by drawing the problem followed by creating a number sentence to match what we had drawn and to give us the answer.  We have been securing our learning during PE warm ups by finding a partner, getting into groups of 5 and investigating how many pairs or groups of five make 10.