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W/C 14th September

Guided reading and Daily Mile have been added into our timetable this week.  The children are really enjoying this movement break in between the 1st two morning lessons.  We always end with a little rhyme and some actions - if we move more, we feel fresher, and think better!  Lets hope the nice weather continues well into the Autumn !

2C's Daily Mile exercise break

We have now begun our Superheroes topic work looking at significant people from our past.  This week we have learned about Florence Nightingale and how she helped soldiers and improved nursing.  We have also begun our Taking Care programme by thinking about and naming our emotions.  We have talked about everyone having the right to feel safe at all times and have practiced going to a safe place in our minds.  We have also discussed that along with rights come responsibilites and what we can do as individuals to ensure everyone feels safe. We regularly talk about how we feel in the classroom using our feelings thermometer and emotion monsters - which were kindly made for us by Florence.  Mrs Lord has also worked with the class this week, looking at the book The Colour Monster.  The children drew their own emotion monsters and we have made them into a book to keep in the class.  We actively encourage all children to talk openly about their feelings - as everyone has them and there is nothing to feel shy or embarassed about !

Our Feeling Thermometer and Emotion Monsters

In English, we have continued to base our work around the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers.  We have been thinking about what the word community means and discussing which communities we belong to.  We made a poster of our class community to decorate our room.  We learnt that although people come in many different sizes, shapes and colours they are still people who belong to our world community and should all be valued equally.  We also looked at the animal kingdom community and how that has suffered at the hands of humans. The children were already so knowlegable about endangered species and really enjoyed drawing pictures of their favourite animals and how we can prevent them from becoming extinct.  Finally, 2C made their own notes for living on planet Earth to be made into a book to keep in our classroom.     

2C's version of Here We Are based on the book by Oliver Jeffers

In Maths this week, we have been comparing numbers using the inequality signs ( < less than, > greater than and = equal to) and our knowledge of place value.  We then moved onto ordering objects and numbers, which included some fun outdoor learning.

Outdoor Maths Fun - Ordering