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Summer 1

This week we have finished our History topics, The Mayans. The children loved learning about this ancient civilization and they have completed some amazing pieces of work. 

The children also wrote non-chronological reports linked to our Journey into the unknown topic. They worked really hard to collect the facts, write-up about their chosen topics and present their work in creative ways. 

This week has been very busy! In science we conducted an experiment looking at the impact of water resistance on different shaped objects. The children loved making different shapes and dropping them into the water, we got a bit wet!

In English we read a new book called 'One plastic bag'. It is a great book based on a true story of how a woman in Gambia turned unwanted, used plastic bags into beautiful, woven purses. The children really enjoyed the book and wrote instructions for how to make the purses. 

We loved science this week. We were investigating the force, air-resistance and the impact it had on falling objects. Our conclusions were correct and we found that the bigger the wing-span of a spinner, the slower it would fall due to a greater surface area.  

Our favourite lesson this week was art. We looked at Maya weaving and created our own God's eyes. They were very tricky to make but the children worked really hard to create these amazing pieces of art.  

We had a great first week back!! All the children worked extremely hard in all lessons and produced fantastic pieces of work. 


Our favourite lessons this week were: 

1. PE. This week in PE the children learnt ball control in tennis and in Athletics we practised sprinting, throwing and jumping.

2. Art. In art we painted pictures of St George and the dragon using Kandinsky as our inspiration. (See pictures)  

3. History. We learnt about the Mayan civilization and their time line of events. (See pictures).