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Mrs Newbold

Monday 29th June 2020

What a lovely day! It has been fantastic to see everyone again.

We started off by finding out what we have all been up to; paddling pools seem to have been very popular!

We also named ourselves the SBBs: Super Bubbly Bubbles. 

The SBBs really enjoyed some of our Collective Worship songs which was lovely.

After maths, lunch and spellings, we undertook a DT challenge, to build a tower using only spaghetti and marshmallows. The trick was to use triangles for added strength.

Tuesday 30th June 2020

We have now renamed ourselves ...slightly. We are still the Super Bubbly Bubbles but now with extra...AKA HDH!

So officially we are the Super Bubbly Bubbles AKA HDH! Parents - ask the children. We just couldn't ignore Daniel's idea. I think we are happy now!

A full day of describing using noun phrases ( if was lovely to see Mrs Leng in the English videos), money work in maths and learning about Sikh beliefs in RE. Parents you may be asked to empty your wallets. Looking at the variety of coins is so interesting!

Collective worship song vote seems a hit as well as listening to online stories. Ruby' Worry and Beegu lead to some interesting discussions.


Wednesday 1st July 2020

So a little bit of rain but nothing that bothered us.

We've settled into our daily routine of wake and shake ( with a bit of a hip hip vibe), English, break and maths. We followed this with Collective Worship, phonics and geography.

In geography, continuing looking at structures using triangles, we made bridges for Fantastic Mr Fox to raid Mr Bunce, Boggis and Beans' farms. It was so quiet as the children concentrated on their structures. Triangles are amazing.

Finally we have really enjoyed some online stories. Over the week we have heard Ruby's Worry, Once upon an Ordinary School Day, After the Fall, Beegu and The Worrysaurus.

Rest assured parents, no more marshmallows tomorrow!

Thursday 2nd July 2020

So the end of our first bubble week.

The SBBs aka HDH finished their setting description about the moon. Thank you Mrs Leng for the teaching on the Home Learning pages. We felt you were with us every day.

More money work in maths and to finish the day, we heard the story of The Treasure of Pirate Frank. We learnt about compass points and designed our own treasure maps. From the children's plans, I don't think anyone will find the treasure with all the nasty features put in the way.

Enjoy the week off and I can't wait for my bubbles to blow this way again a week on Monday.

Monday 13th July 2020

It was great to see my bubble back and for the Hot Dog Heroes, hot dogs were on the menu.

This week we are using the book by Michael Foreman " Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish" as our focus.

For grammar we revised alphabetical order and began using our dictionaries to find the meanings of interesting words from the book.

Having Bettany and Beatrice in the class aided our learning about alphabetical order ( and not fogetting Esme and Emily).

This afternoon it has all been about Mary Anning, fossils and femurs! We cut out the height equivalent of Dippy the Diplodocus' femur. It certainly made the point of how tall Dippy really was.

Tuesday 14th July 2020

Busy day again with lots of learning opportunities.

In maths we have been learning half past the hour as well as revising o'clock.

In English we have been finding our way around  a dictionary and a thesaurus. I do think that sounds like a dinosaur though!

This afternoon we continued investigating lengths. Yesterday we looked at the length of a dinosaur's femur. Today we used metre sticks, rulers and the exciting trundle wheels to find lengths inside and outside. The beauty of a smalll bubble was that everyone could use the trundle wheel. Who doesn't love measuring! I was so excited I forgot to photograph the children measuring the length of the playground. They loved it.

Wednesday 16th July 2020

It's been a bubble day today for our SBBs aka HDHs.

Three types of bubble art were undertaken which was by far the favourite activity of the day. We didn't quite finish our pastel pictures as we were revisiting the songs from our school nativity play. We had a little dance!

We did start our writing as well. We are writing a diary entry from the perspective of the dinosaur from our book of the week. We will finish it tomorrow. I wonder if any of the children will now write their own diaries over the summer?

I'm looking forward to our dinosaur art tomorrow too. Exciting times.

Friday 16th July 2020

So our bubble has now blown away. In years to come, I hope the children will remember their special bubble time in Year 1. It has certainly been a unique time.

Lots of work today and fun. We danced to the KS1 teachers' videos, watched the hello and goodbye staff videos, finished our dinosaur diaries and compared time.

After lunch, we all met on the field to say a final goodbye to Mrs Clay who leaves St Paul's after 27 years. Yes, 27 years. We hope she has a great retirement.

Finally we finished the day making dinosaur skeletons using straws and watching Harry and the Dinosaurs.

Have a great Summer SBBs aka HDHs. See you all in 6 weeks.