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Mrs Mottram



Hi everyone 

What a super last day we had.

Thank you to all the children in my bubble for being

superstars. I've really enjoyed working with you.

I'm afraid we did actually do some work today.

In English, we wrote a diary entry from a dinosaur's perspective.

In maths, we compared time.

This afternoon we all went outside to say a final farewell 

to Mrs Clay who is leaving our school after 27 years.

We had a chilled afternoon completing dinosaur activity sheets.

Unfortunately, we didn't get Fantastic Mr Fox quite finished.

Have a lovely holiday, stay safe and see you in 6 weeks.




Wednesday 15th July

Hello everyone.

A super day in school today. We have been enjoying learning about diary writing. 

We wrote our own diary about our day in school yesterday.

In maths, we have been learning more about how to write the time.

In phonics, we talked about oo, ew, ue digraphs.

This afternoon we learned how to use different measurements. 

Luckily, the weather was dry enough to be able to use the trundle wheels 

outside to measure the playground and other object lengths.

We finished the day with a chapter of Fantastic Mr Fox.

Looking forward to our last day in school tomorrow.


Tuesday 14th July


Hi everyone.

A really enjoyable day in school today.

We started the day with wake and shake. 

In English, we carried on learning about alphabetical order,

and practised using a dictionary.

In maths, we learnt about telling the time to half past the hour.

We talked about ee, ea, ey and e-e digraphs.

During history, we learnt about Mary Anning and Dippy the dinosaur.

We measured our femur and compared it to Dippy's.


Monday 13th July 

Hi everyone

A super day today. We started the day with wake and shake(an intense dance activity). I was tired out for the rest of the day!!

In English, we listened to Mrs Newell reading a story on a video and then we looked at alphabetical order.

In maths, we looked at telling the time to the hour.

During phonics we looked at ea, ee and ey digraphs

We talked about how bubbles are made.

In art, we did bubble blowing, bubble printing and used chalks to draw bubbles.

Monday 29th June 2020


Hi everyone


It was lovely to see some children today. We had a lovely day.  First, we talked about coming back to school and discussed what being in a 'bubble' at school would be like.  After we had a story in English, discussed it and answered questions.  After break we ordered numbers.

After lunch we did phonics, then we designed and made a tower using spaghetti and marshmallows (if we didn't eat them all).


Tuesday 30th June 2020

Hi everyone

We had a fantastic day today at school.

First in English we learnt about what a noun phrase is. We wrote some super sentences including a noun phrase.

In maths we looked at money, and now we can identify what each coin is.

In the afternoon we started to read Fantastic Mr Fox. We have looked at a map of where the farmers live and identified map features. We also designed and made a bridge ( again with marshmallows and cocktail sticks)  to help the farmers cross the river.

Wednesday 1st July


Hello everyone.

Another super day in school today. The children have been great,

getting use to the new structure of the school day.

We have been learning about story settings in English

and thinking about paper money in our Maths lesson.

This afternoon we listened to a story about Pirate Frank.

We then designed our very own treasure map in our Geography lesson.

We finished the day with another chapter of Fantastic Mr Fox. 




Thursday 2nd July


Hello everyone, another great day in school today. 

Thank you to all the children; you have been super stars this week.

Today we have written a story setting in English, and learnt a little bit more about money and its value.

This afternoon we have talked about the Sikh faith and made a poster showing the 5 main beliefs.

We ended the day with another chapter of Mr Fantastic Fox.

  I really have enjoyed teaching my bubble this week and look forward to seeing them on Monday 13th July.