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Mrs Medlock

The Ninjas have been reunited this week and we have a fun list of learning activities planned

across the next four days. It has been lovely to see the children again.


Monday 6th July

We started our week catching up with each other and making sure we all felt happy, positive and ready to learn.


We had a real treat in English as we watched Mrs Newell reading us Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish.

We loved the story and its message of caring for our planet.  

Our learning objective was to put words from the story into alphabetical order.

We practised by putting ourselves in alphabetical order first -- it did get a bit confusing - thanks goodness we

weren't trying to do it with 30 children!


After a footballing break, we moved onto Maths and finding halves.


We sang about God's faithfulness in Collective Worship,

and we solved common exception word riddles in Phonics.


Our final activity of the day was tackling some fun Bubble Art! We decided we really like doing bubble art in our bubble!

We tried three styles -- blowing bubbles, bubble wrap and oil pastels.

I was slightly dreading the potential mess but luckily total disaster was averted (several times!!)

and some fab artwork produced, which is on the drying rack waiting to come tomorrow.


Ninja Art

We wound down our day by nominating the activity we’d each enjoyed the most ---

football a firm favourite with Art voted the best lesson ever!

Tuesday 7th July


We started today with an English dictionary challenge. We used six words from our Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish story,

and applied our knowledge of the rules of alphabetical ordering to look up the meaning of each word in the dictionary.

It was trickier than it looked!


We continued to find halves in Maths and started looking at homophones in Phonics.

It was everyone's favourite for lunch - hot dogs!


We revisited the value of respecting each other in our Collective Worship.


In the afternoon, we learned all about Mary Anning and the contribution she made to science

through her dinosaur fossil discoveries.

After we had played a rowdy round of the Dinosaur Discovery game,

we started putting together our own dinosaur fact file booklets.



We ended the day with Show and Tell and by super coincidence Cory showed us the fossil

he found this weekend! We speculated where it might have come from and

whether it had once been part of a dinosaur skeleton ......

Wednesday 8th July


The Ninjas have had a full-on Dinosaur Day today!

In English, we pretended to be the dinosaurs from the Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish story.

We talked through what had happened to us in the story and then imagined how we would have felt

when we discovered our world had been destroyed.

We kept our dinosaur heads on and started writing a diary to record the events and our feelings about it.


Ninja Brainstorm

Sadly, during break we lost our football – a very high kick whizzed it over the fence.

We weren’t too downcast however, and soon started a team mash-up of What’s the Time Mr Wolf and musical statues!

We learned how to find one quarter of a 2D shape in our Maths lesson in preparation for moving on

to finding one quarter of an amount tomorrow.


Our Collective Worship was based on the school value of “kind” – we shared wonderful stories of kindness

and how they made us feel, both as givers and receivers.

Our discussion was summed up very succinctly in Djoel’s comment that “it’s good to be kind”.


In Phonics we recapped all the high frequency and tricky words in Phases 2, 3, 4 and 5 and the Ninjas set me

a challenge for tomorrow – find some tricky words they don’t know how to spell!

Cory taught us how to spell “because” – big elephants can always understand small elephants!


By popular demand, we carried on making our Dinosaur Fact booklets which are looking super and reflect

all the amazing learning we’ve done on Mary Anning, fossils and dinosaurs.

My sad attempts at dinosaur drawings caused fits of giggles – the diplodocus apparently looked like a squirrel

and the t-rex like a chicken!!

Ninja Dino Drawings

We finished off the afternoon with another quick round of Dinosaur Discovery

and amazed ourselves with how much we really do know about dinosaurs.


Our traditional end of day vote had a surprise winner – writing!!! 

Thursday 9th July


We firstly enjoyed catching up on what we’d done after school yesterday.

William’s afternoon and evening were especially exciting –

he’d played club football and then watched the Liverpool/Brighton match on tv!


We began our last learning together with English. We put on our dinosaur heads and stepped back into

the world of Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish. We continued recording events and feelings in our diaries.

We focused on using extended noun phrases to make our diary entries more exciting to read and

time linking words to help write events in chronological order.

Ninja Diary

We played our last football match of the term (miraculously, our runaway football was still on the path

alongside school when I went to get it yesterday evening).


In Maths we extended our skills in finding a quarter of an amount – this was definitely more challenging

than finding a quarter of a 2D shape but we’re still definitely the Maths Ninjas!


We continued thinking about kindness during collective worship through the story of Joseph and how he forgave

his brothers for selling him into slavery. We talked about forgiveness and how it can sometimes be difficult to do.


We ended our dinosaur exploration mashing up a bit of science and a bit of maths and a bit of DT!

We took a virtual tour of the Dippy the Diplodocus exhibition (including the gift shop by accident) and then

worked as a team to create a life size picture of Dippy the Diplodocus’ femur using 12 sheets of A4 paper….whew!

We measured our own femur bones and compared them to Dippy’s and then set off measuring just about everything

in sight to populate our “Let’s Get Measuring” charts. There was much hilarity when we each lay on the floor

and measured our height against Dippy’s femur …..

Ninja Femur

As our final activity, we decamped to the Forest School area to have a treasure hunt.

This was an inspired idea of Jamie’s following our work on treasure maps.

We used our map-reading skills to find the treasure – each of our treasures was hidden in a different place,

so we really had to concentrate on our individual maps and follow the instructions carefully!

It was fun, if a little soggy in the long grass, but a great way to end our time together.

Ninja Treasure

And for one last time, we each nominated our best bits of the day - the treasure hunt and

the hilarity with Dippy's femur were runaway winners, with football (of course) coming in second!


I’ve had a wonderful time with the Ninjas and I will miss them over the summer holidays –

have a happy, fun and safe time everyone!



Monday 22nd June

We started our week with a group chat about what we’d all been doing in lockdown,

how we were feeling about being back at St Paul's and then talking through any worries or anxieties.

We then moved onto Maths and spent some time re-acquainting ourselves with Hundred Squares

and doing some mental maths challenges.

After Collective Worship and Phonics, we had a fun DT lesson looking at pictures of

various metal structures including the Eiffel Tower. 

We thought about what made these structures so strong, and we then designed and built

 our own structures using spaghetti and marshmallows. 



Ninja Towers

Before we went home, we each nominated our highlight of the day –

these included lunch with friends, dancing round the bubble maker, playing football and making towers.

Tuesday 23rd June


We started today with a video call from Mrs Newbold - so exciting!

We moved onto English and read a letter Mrs Newbold had written to tell us

some of the things she’s been up to during lockdown. To help us write our own letters,

we looked at the punctuation that makes a good letter and brainstormed some ideas for an opening paragraph.


We learned about partitioning numbers in Maths and spelled some really tricky words on our whiteboards in Phonics.

In the afternoon, we used our map reading skills from geography to plan an escape route for The Fantastic Mr Fox

who was being chased by Farmer Boggis. We identified that Mr Fox would need to jump over a boundary wall,

run through a forest, jog along a road, pass a church and a hospital and then cross a river.

Unfortunately, the bridge over the river had collapsed. We used the skills we learned in yesterday’s Design Technology lesson

to build a strong bridge from cocktail sticks and tiny marshmallows to get Mr Fox safely to the other side.


Ninja Bridges

We ended the day reflecting on the best bits – seeing Mrs Newbold on the video call, running through the mist,

lunch with our friends, football with Mrs Medlock as goalie, helping Mr Fox to escape, and playing the Yes/No Game!

Wednesday 24th June


We started Wednesday by catching up with what everyone did after school yesterday.

In English, we carried on writing our letters to the class. We made a special word mat to help with spelling tricky words

and used our punctuation pebbles to remind us when to use commas, full stops and question marks.

We focused on super handwriting – everybody wants a Handwriting Hero certificate at the end of the week!

During Maths we learned how to compare numbers and revisited vocabulary like ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’.


Our Collective Worship theme was “Thankful” and we brainstormed a wonderful mind map of lots of things we are thankful for ….

there were almost too many thank yous  to fit on the board!

The Ninjas shared their own incredibly moving (and spontaneous) prayers of thanks with the class.

We needed to move around a little by Phonics time, so we played an interactive version of Buried Treasure

which tied in nicely with the curriculum work we had planned.

We had great fun making treasure maps during the afternoon and pretending we were searching for Pirate Frank’s treasure.

We explored using a compass to help read our maps and discussed why it was so important that maps include

a compass rose and important geographical features.

Ninja Treasure

We ended the day reflecting on what each of us had enjoyed most – making treasure maps topped the list with football a close second!

Thursday 25th June


We began our last day with English and finished writing our letters to the class.

Everyone wrote amazing letters as you can see! And as for the handwriting ….. WOW!

Ninja Letters

We followed English with an energetic game of football and then continued

to build on our knowledge of comparing numbers  -  we really are Maths Ninjas!


Our Collective Worship theme was “Friendship” – this was especially appropriate today as

new friendships have been made and existing friendships strengthened during this week together.

We explored what qualities make a good friend and then the children offered their own heartfelt prayers

of thanks for friends.

In Phonics we tested our spelling of common exception words and played a

fast and furious game of Tricky Word Bingo.


Our final lesson of the week was RE where we learned about the five core beliefs of Sikhism.

We reflected on these beliefs and how we could apply them to our own lives.

We then spent a quiet half hour creating individual posters showing these values while

listening to calming music and watching bubbles drift gently around the room.

Ninja Posters

We ended the day with our traditional best bits vote -- 

today's top of the pops were posters, football and bubbles.


Take care, Ninja Bubble - thank you for a fabulous week. 

See you all soon!