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Mrs Bush

Welcome to our Year 1 bubble page

It has been great to have some of the Year 1 children back in KS1.

In our bubble we have been had some fantastic learning with lots of laughs along the way!


We start each day with Wake & Shake this is followed by English, maths, collective worship, phonics and one other curriculum subject. We also focus on well-being and PSHE activities.


Week 2



We started the day with Wake and Shake and then moved onto English. In English we sorted a set of words into alphabetical order. 


During our maths lesson we followed the White Rose activities and looked at finding half of a shape. Once we had finished the worksheets we played this game on the computer. Our best score was 22 correct answers in 1 minute!

In history we found out all about Mary Anning. She lived a long time ago and discovered lots of fossils. We enjoyed this Dinosaur Discovery Game.


In English we used the dictionaries to find the definitions of various words.


In maths we found half of a set of objects. We played a halving game that was similar to the doubling game we enjoyed last week. We also challenged ourselves to find lots of different ways of making 10 using addition, subtraction, multiplication, doubling and halving.



In history we finished off our dinosaur leaflets.


In English we started to write a diary entry from the point of view of the dinosaur in Mrs Newell's story.


At break time we finished off the insect house that we had started earlier in the week.

In maths we were finding a quarter of a shape. Then we played this game. Our best score was 18 out of 18.

In the afternoon we did three different types of bubble art!  

bubble wrap pictures

bubble blowing patterns

chalk bubble drawings


In English we finished off our diary entries.


In maths we looked at finding a quarter of an amount of items or a number. We then looked at the hundred square and discussed the different patterns that we could spot. Again this week in maths we have really enjoyed marking our own work! 


In RE we watched a video that explained that the rules that Sikhs live by were given to Guru Nanak a long time ago. We wrote our own rules that if followed would help to make the world a better place.


We played Guess My Picture. We drew pictures of something we are hoping to do during the summer holiday and our bubble had to guess what the activity was.


We finished with a picture quiz.

Week 1


We started the day with a discussion on how we felt about coming back into school. 


Then we played the game 'Two truths and a lie' so that we could get to know more about each other. None of the children were able to correctly guess which of my (Mrs Bush's) three statements was a lie. They all assumed the statement  'I have a snake in my house.' was a lie. In fact they only believed me once I showed them a video of me with the snake!



During our maths lesson we used this 100 square to play the game Guess my Number.
In DT we looked at pictures of various metal structures including the Eiffel Tower. We then tried to design and build our own structures using only spaghetti and marshmallows. 
This was the tallest tower! It was made by Gabriel.
Today we had the excitement of video calls with both Mrs Newell and Mrs Newbold.



In English we read a letter from Mrs Newbold and we decided to write letters to our class. To give us some ideas for the contents of our letters we brainstormed things that had happened during lockdown.
We have had fun today using these maths games during our daily maths lesson.
In RE we started to learn about Sikhism.
In English we started to write our letters to the class. We brainstormed ideas for our opening paragraph. We are planning to finish our letters tomorrow so that we can add them to the school website so that all our friends can read them.



In maths we continued with this week's White Rose activities. Today we compared various 2 digit numbers. We also checked how many numbers bonds for 10 and for 20 we could remember. Apparently the best part of our maths lesson is when they get to use a green pencil to mark their own work!

In geography we looked at a map linked to Fantastic Mr Fox. We used our map reading skills from previous geography lessons to discuss what we could see on the map. We then planned an escape route for Mr Fox. We realised he needed a second bridge over the river to escape from the Farmers. We used the skills we learned on Monday's DT lesson to build a strong bridge from cocktail sticks and marshmallows. 
Finn made the longest bridge!
We started the day by celebrating Wyn's birthday with a game of musical statues. It turns out all but one of us has celebrated our birthday during lockdown.



In English we finished our writing our letters. Mrs Bush has put them on the website so our friends can see them. Please look in the letters from section on the Year 1 page.



This week, all the children in my bubble have demonstrated a good understanding of the daily White Rose maths tasks. Today we also focused on recalling doubling and halving facts by playing some of the games on this website.

In geography we recapped the points of the compass and various geographical symbols. Then we created our own treasure maps. We decided that our classroom felt hotter than a desert island!