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Key Stage 2

Hello and welcome to the KS2 area. This is a useful page for all things to do with KS2. For your or your child's specific class please refer to the class page. For anything to do with KS2 in general please keep an eye on this page. If your child is off ill or self-isolating at home then you will find brief overviews of the learning that their class will be doing below.




Mr Hawkins

This Week's Learning in LKS2


Please visit your child's class page to view their home learning weekly planning grids and the corresponding resources. If you are experiencing any problems please email the class teacher directly, you will find their email address on the class page. 

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LKS2 Team 

This Week's Learning in UKS2


English -


  • Continuing our study of 'The Arrival' recapping events from the fourth chapter. 
  • Look at main and subordinating clauses. 
  • Identify key events from a chapter.
  • Plan a recount letter giving information about events that have occurred in the fourth chapter.
  • Write a recount letter from the perspective of the main character. 
  • Edit and improve written work. 


Maths - 


  • Investigate times tables using our knowledge of multiples and factors. 
  • Find common multiples of a range of numbers. 
  • Identify and answer questions based on factors. 
  • Understand and find square numbers.
  • Use mental strategies to multiply numbers. 


Shared Reading - 


  • Studying an extract from War Horse (see link below).
  • Answer questions based on a text.
  • Use evidence from a text to support answers (using the point, evidence and conclusion method).
  • Identify grammatical features of a text e.g. figurative language. 


Afternoon Subjects - 


  • Science - Explain the importance of the major discoveries in electricity. 
  • RE - Studying Hajj and why it is an important part of the Muslim faith.  
  • History - Understand the chronology of Britain's pre-history.
  • PE - Dance.