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The governors are confident that the school is developing a strong track record with the capacity for further improvement. On our assessment, as at early 2017, the school is now securely ‘good’. Leadership and management in school is particularly strong, with governors able to provide an appropriate level of support and challenge to advance the school. Through rigorous and regular monitoring, governors know that Teaching and Learning is consistently good or better with some elements of outstanding practice, particularly in EYFS. Behaviour and Personal Development are particular strengths; the school provides a safe and happy environment which is conducive to learning. Outcomes have demonstrated a year on year improvement since 2013-/14, and progress is good. Early Years is particularly strong, and seemingly an outstanding area. Safeguarding is effective.







September 2014: change of Chair of Governors

Improved relationship with HT; open, challenging where necessary, positive

FGB minutes, Performance Development minutes.




Recruitment of new governors with a wide range of skills: Hester Meacock, Joy Caws, Julie Jackson, and David Harkness.


Greater delegation of governor responsibilities across the governing body

FGB minutes, Committee minutes, skills audit.



Autumn 2014: institution of Rapid Action Plans, due to Insufficient progress and achievement in learning.

Improved in year results as recognized in WES visits

Year on year improvement in SATs results

February 2015: Governance Review, by Judith Hicks


Improvement of structure; increased effectiveness of function

Greater proactivity/less ‘rear view mirror’, reactive approach


Review report.

FGB minutes: revised committee structure; greater effectiveness

Real time assessment of development/progress.









September 2015: commencement of consultation process for determining school ‘values’:

Stage 1 (autumn 2015): governors’ meetings/input

Stage 2 (late 2015/early 2016): staff input

Stage 3 (Spring 2016): parents and pupil input

Stage 4 (May 2016): consolidation, formulation and launch



Greater identity and clarity of vision; effective implementation of the resulting values noted within the recent SIAMS report (grade: outstanding).

Launched summer term 2016.

SIAMS report 2016

Impact to be further monitored.

2015: Contracted for external clerk

Need for transparent, formal minutes from a professional clerk



Greater support and more professionally produced minutes; as evidenced in both FGB minutes and Sub-Committee minutes



May 2015: skills audit





Ensuring that recruitment of future governors aligns, wherever possible, with skills gaps.

Skill Audit

FGB make-up: St Paul’s now has a highly skilled governing body, covering all key areas, with growing experience.


Summer 2015: recruitment of Gus Lock (Headmaster of Warwick School) and James Robinson (Professor of Mathematics at Warwick University)

Governors led strategic planning at the end of 2015/16 to develop and draft the 2016/17 SIP








The SIP targets areas for improvement and sets high expectations.  It makes the school’s direction of travel clear to staff, parents, pupils and other stakeholders.


Governor involvement in the drafting and finalisation of the SIP ensures a ‘top down’ approach.

FGB meeting minutes Sept  2016.

SIP 2016/17


Autumn 2016: Governor’s Action Plan




Adopting a planned and strategic approach to securing desired improvements through the involvement of the governing body.

Action Plan

Autumn 2016: Improved quality of school letterhead



New, professional look to letterhead, particularly following addition of school values; due to external professional and governor input/consultation

Letterhead; FGB minutes





Governors provide high levels of challenge and support to the Head and Deputy Head, undertaking an extensive programme of monitoring and meetings to be able to assess school leaders’ effectiveness. See below for more detail on monitoring.

Significant improvements in pupils’ learning behaviours, progress and attainment are evident.







Standards Committee meeting minutes.

FGB meeting minutes.

Data analysis (internal, as provided to FGB and Standards; and external e.g. RAISE).

LA reports, including Task Group meetings.

Staff and parent questionnaires.

Governors monitor staff well-being, motivation, opportunities for professional development and performance through the work of the Pay Committee.








The school benefits from motivated and committed staff who know that they can raise any concerns with governors.


Better use of HT targets and performance management

Rigorous performance management flowing from Head Teacher performance management.


Pay Committee meeting minutes.

FGB meeting notes

HT reports to FGB meetings

Data: improvement in results


Governors have taken varied steps to engage with parents, including annual questionnaire, annual parents ‘forum’ (commenced January 2015), improved website information and presence at parents’ evenings,.






Parents have regular opportunities to express their views to governors and the SLT, and feel that they are listened to.

Parents are more aware of governors’ activities at school and their efforts to help drive the school forward.


Greater transparency.

Parent Forum minutes.

Parent questionnaires.


FGB and P&S meeting minutes.






Governors are committed to their own development, attending appropriate courses and using other resources (e.g. NGA) to keep up to date with governance news.


Summer 2015: Signing of Governor’s Code of Conduct


2016/17: cluster training twice per term

The governing body is able to provide robust governance and discharge all of its core statutory functions effectively, holding leaders to account more effectively and driving up standards.

Skills audit.

Governor training record.

Code of Conduct.



31st July 2015: Reconstitution of Governing Body


Ensuring compliance with statutory and local requirements

Deed of Governance


Summer 2016: Chair of Governors to take up position of trustee on School Trust

Increasing the close link between school and trust

Donation of £5,000 towards a new play trail.

Spring term 2016/17: Succession planning for next Chair and Vice Chair



Identifying (in consultation with the Vicar and Diocese) appropriate successor for, in particular, the role of Chair of Governors

To be assessed

Managing and then avoiding Finance deficit; including production of a Finance Policy



Previous deficit overcome, financial situation in surplus or balanced (depending which year you consider).  Finance policy approved and in operation to guide the F&R Committee

F&R Committee minutes; minutes of Finance Meetings with WES.





Post-Ofsted action plan submitted to Local Authority/DofE


Demonstration of actions taken and plan of action to secure required improvements

Written plan.

SEF and SIP for 2015-2016

Autumn 2015: Pupil Premium review/report


Assessing areas of strength/weakness in our provision for PP children by way of external input

PP Review Report

2016: PP governor and Deputy meet termly and interview a range of PP and non-PP children in pupil voice meetings







Improvement in trust, familiarity and communication between children and deputy/ governor.

Direct opinions of children obtained and feedback analysed and acted upon.

Allowed more informed discussions at family meetings, plus other targeted promotions within school of, for example homework club

Gov monitoring visit forms

Deputy head notes



Summer 2015 onwards: Governor engagement with SIO and Task Group meetings

Greater governor scrutiny and involvement in (rapid) school improvement

Visit reports


Governors now closely monitor quality of teaching and have supported leaders’ rigorous performance management of underperforming teachers.



Accurate in-year predictions arising from an externally moderated assessment system.

All teaching in school is now consistently good or better, with increasing amounts of outstanding teaching.

Local Authority visit reports

HT Reports.

FGB , Pay Committee, and P&S meeting minutes

Data: improving results



Governors undertake regular and detailed monitoring of data, including half-termly progress and attainment data

Improved progress and attainment has been secured throughout the school.

P&S meeting minutes.

Internal and external data analysis.





Autumn 2015: Institution of a Monitoring Schedule; requiring learning walks/visits by Governors

Governors undertake a range of monitoring visits in school (learning walks, book scrutinies, pupil interviews, participation in SLT monitoring days with external adviser), to review progress against specific RIP priorities.

Addressing insufficient insight on the part of Governors, these visits:  have increased familiarity with the day to day running of the school; allow greater exposure of governors; inform governor decisions.

Reports of monitoring visits.











Safeguarding governor regularly checks SCR and school procedures in relation to safeguarding generally, as well as making sure all governors’ knowledge and awareness is up to date. Governor, HT and Deputy Head have attended Safer Recruitment training (September 2016, or earlier)

Safeguarding is effective.






P&S meeting minutes

FGB meeting minutes

“Prevent” signature sheets for governors.





Governors have high expectations of pupil behaviour, which they monitor through staff and parent questionnaires, own visits to school and HT reports. Core (Christian) values revisited by Foundation Governors and re-launched in 2016 year.

Pupils’ behaviour is of a consistently high standard, and managed well.





SIAMS report 2016 – Outstanding grade given.

Pupil, staff and parent questionnaires.

Feedback from Pupil Council

FGB meeting minutes

P&S meeting minutes



Summer 2015: appointed DH as governor with responsibility for website

Ensuring website is fully compliant








Governors undertake regular and detailed monitoring of data, including half-termly progress and attainment data and annual RAISE analysis.

Data shows improved outcomes for pupils at both KS1 and KS2.

P&S meeting minutes

Annual RAISE analysis.

Incentive scheme for PP application



Increased numbers of PP applications/increased numbers of PP children identified

Headteacher’s Reports; F&R Committee minutes.

Impact of pupil premium spend is closely monitored by PP governor, with a detailed annual report produced for all governors.

Interventions for disadvantaged pupils have become increasingly effective. Performance gap is closing between PP and non-PP children.

Annual Pupil Premium report for governors.

PP and SEND meeting minutes.

P&S meeting minutes.