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Hello 3A!
I hope you are all well. I am missing our French time together! Here’s some things you could look at and try based on the topics we would have been doing this half term. I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to send me any work you’ve done or just to tell me how you got on.

Remember last term we learn how to say hello and introduce ourselves by our name and age? It would be good to start by reminding yourself of that and then to try to extend your number knowledge. After that we will move onto being able to say our birthday and invite someone to our party!

Have a look at these to remind yourself of what we have learnt so far:


You can also play some games to practice on

Click on Choose a topic, then scroll through to “numbers” and choose numbers to 20. There is a helpful lesson you can follow or if you scroll to the bottom there are some games you can play to see if you have got the hang of it! 

Then try this:
Draw at least 6 people you know (family/friends). Write a sentence to introduce each of them in french as if you were them e.g. “Je m’appelle John. J’ai douze ans.” (“I’m called John. I am 12 years old”.)

Find the months of the year in French online and try to learn them.

Write a sentence about your birthday e.g.
“Mon anniversaire est 17 Mai.”
(My birthday is 17th May) See if you can learn how to say it.


Stay safe and I hope to see you again soon!


Mrs Crow