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Hello 4C!


I hope you are all well. I am missing our French time together! I was looking forward to seeing you all again this term! Here’s some things you could look at and try, based on the topics we would have been doing this half term. I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to send me any work you’ve done or just to tell me how you got on.


The last thing we did together was learning the French for some foods. To remind yourself, go to and choose “common foods”. There is a tutorial you can look at but also if you scroll down that first page, there are a number of games that you can play to test your knowledge.


We would have been learning about body parts this half term (which might not be new for some of you in year 4 but a good reminder!) 

Have a look at these to learn the French names for different parts of the body:



Draw yourself and label each part you know in French. If you google: KS2 French body parts and click on the images tab you will get lots of examples to copy with drawings of people and the parts labelled. 


Next, remind yourself/learn the French words for different colours.

Draw an imaginary alien/monster. Label all its body parts including the colour of each E.g

“La tête verte” (green head)

Remember in French the adjective (colour word) comes after the noun (body part).


Stay safe and I hope to see you again soon!


Mrs Crow