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Tapestry - Current Reception Pupils

If you have uploaded observations to Tapestry during our time away from school your child's journal is now ready for you to download in PDF format now.

Please note this facility will be available until August 12th at the latest

This tutorial should help you to navigate your way around accessing the PDF.





For pupils in our Nursery who will be moving into Reception from September, please keep uploading observations and information to Tapestry as we will be continuing with this next year.

Sports Day

Please look on the Home Learning page for some great Sports Day challenges. We hope you enjoy taking part and are looking forward to seeing what you do. Don't forget to email these to Mrs. Newbold (our school PE subject leader) via the school office as well as putting information on to Tapestry.

Our School Values

Our EYFS staff have been thinking about the school values and the things you could do at home to reflect these values. 


Mrs. Durrant has read you a Bible story about kindness.

A Message to all of EYFS and their parents!

Welcome to the EYFS Self-Portrait Gallery

Still image for this video
We hope you enjoy our self-portraits.

EYFS Staff Team Self-Portrait Gallery

EYFS Self-Portrait Challenge

Whole School Ecobrick Challenge

Whole School Dance Challenge

Reception Phonics Sessions

Letter and Sounds Phase Three phonics sessions are now available on YouTube through the link below.

There will be a daily blending session and a new digraph as well as tricky words to learn each day at 10 am. The sessions should be quite familiar to your child as we use the Letters and Sounds approach for our phonics sessions in school.



Summer Term - Week 12

Welcome to the final week of the school year. This week we are looking forward to seeing many of our Reception children in school for a brief visit. 

We will leave all the work on here for you to dip in and out of during the summer as you wish.


Summer Term Week 11

Thank you for continuing with your home learning.

We hope you enjoy our new challenges and that have you have had a go at

some of the Sports Day Challenges.

EYFS R.E. Where do we belong?

End of unit activity

For Reception R.E. this week we would like you to independently write some information about yourselves to accompany a photograph. You can use the sheet provided or make your own on some plain or lined paper. We would like these to be used to tell your Year 1 teacher a little bit about yourselves. Please bring in the information when you meet your teacher in September so they can keep the work or take a photo of it and email it to school.

All About Me Activity Sheet

Art Challenge

Reception Week 11 Maths Challenge

Summer Term Week 10

We hope that you have had a lovely weekend and that you are ready for another week of challenges. Thank you for all the work you have sent us.



Understanding The World Challenge
Reception Maths Challenge Week 10

Summer Term Week 9

We hope you enjoy looking at the slideshow of self-portraits. If you haven't seen it scroll up to the top of this page. This week we are carrying on with our topic on minibeasts.




EYFS RE - Special Names

Week 9 Understanding the World Challenge
Week 9 Maths Challenge

Summer Term Week 8

We hope you have all had a good weekend. Thank you for sending pictures of your work to Tapestry and for emailing your wonderful self portraits to the school office. It was lovely to chat to so many of you over the phone and we look forward to speaking to the rest of you this week. We are continuing with our minibeast theme; this week we focus on ladybirds.

Week 8 Maths Challenge 

Reception Reading Books

A couple of you told me on the phone you had recently had problems accessing the Oxford Owl books. The username and password still work for me so I'm hoping it was just a glitch and you will now be able to access the books. Any problems please email us via the school office.


Please click on the link below.


You should be able to see a pink button in the top bar that says 'My class login' please click on this and use the following login details.


Username: Bush/Cooper

Password: I love reading


You will then be able to click on 'My Bookshelf' this lists all of the books in order from picture books through to KS1 books.

Summer Term Week 7

We hope you have had a good weekend. This week we are thinking about butterflies. Thank you sending us your photos of your tally charts, minibeast drawings and all your other work, we love seeing what you are getting up to.


Please email your self portrait to the school office if you haven't done so already.

EYFS RE How are babies born into Muslim families welcomed?

Week 7 Maths Challenge

Caterpillar and Butterflies - fine motor skills activities

Summer Term Week 6


We hope you all had a lovely half term and that you were able to enjoy the sunny weather.

This half term we will be focusing on minibeasts. Have fun with the activities and remember you can upload photos or short videos your work onto Tapestry or email it to the school office.



How are babies welcomed into your family and how are they welcomed into the Christian faith?

How are babies welcomed?

Minibeast cutting activity

Week 6 Reception Maths Challenge

Answers to the Guess the Book Title Challenge

EYFS Minibeast sorting activity

Summer Term Week 5

Hello we hope you have enjoyed some of the challenges we set for you last week. Thank you for using Tapestry to send us pictures and videos of your amazing work. 

Guess the book titles

EYFS Book Cover Challenge - photos

EYFS RE What religious groups do different people belong to?

Week 5 Understanding the World Challenge

The Jolly Postman goes to a party and then returns home.

Week 5 Maths Challenge

Summer Term Week 4


We hope you are all staying safe and that you were able to enjoy the lovely weather over the bank holiday. We have loved looking at the work that you have uploaded onto Tapestry.

Week 4 Understanding the World Challenge
Week 4 Reception Maths Challenge
Week 4 Nursery Maths Challenge

Counting out sheet for Nursery maths challenge

Summer Term Week 3


We hope you enjoyed trying some of the challenges last week and that you are staying safe and well. It has been really lovely to have seen some of the learning that you are doing at home which has been emailed to us.

EYFS RE - Jesus blessing the children

Week 3 Understanding The World Challenge

Week 3 Maths Challenge

Summer Term Week 2

We hope you were able to enjoy the sunshine that we had last week and that you were able to take part in some of the challenges that we set you.



EYFS Summer Term Week 2 RE

75th VE Day Bunting Challenge
Understanding the World Challenge - Different Materials

Week 2 Nursery Mark Making Challenge

Week 2 Reception Literacy Challenge

Reception Week 2 Maths Challenge
Nursery Week 2 Maths Challenge

Welcome to the summer term! 


We hope you all had a lovely Easter and that you were able to enjoy the sunshine.



Shadow Challenge Answers

Summer Term Week 1 Transient Art Challenge 

Reception Reading Books

We assume that by now you will have read all of the books that we gave you. We are now going to try using Oxford Owl free eBooks.


Please click on the link below.


You should be able to see a pink button in the top bar that says 'My class login' please click on this and use the following login details.


Username: Bush/Cooper

Password: I love reading


You will then be able to click on 'My Bookshelf' this lists all of the books in order from picture books through to KS1 books. I've included a guide of which book you could start with. You will however have to spend some time finding the right level book, as not every child within a  phonics group is at exactly the same place with their reading.


As a rough guide (assuming your child can remember who they went to for our phonics sessions)

Mrs Cooper's phonic group start with Fetch

Mrs Kalsi's phonic group start with Big, Bad Bug

Mrs Reynold's phonics group start with Top Dog

Mrs Bush's phonic group start with By the Stream


If you have any problems with this please let us now by emailing the school.

This website has some great ideas for themed activities specially designed for EYFS pupils by well-known practitioners and authors.

Please have a look at the site and use some of the activities in addition to those that we have also uploaded. Remember there is no pressure to do a set number of activities each day and that we want all of you to enjoy your learning.

Take care and we will see you soon,



This week we are going to be looking at the book, The Jolly Postman, by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.

We have included an online reading of the story and a few suggestions of things you can do at home.

Don't forget that you will have lots of your own ideas of how to grow your learning and can always let

us know what you have been doing when we see you again.

The Jolly Postman visits the Three Bears

Summer Term Week 1 Maths Challenge

Guess the grown-up shadow challenge

Easter Egg Hunt


Perhaps you could make some Easter Eggs and hang them in your window for people to enjoy seeing on their daily walk.

You could either make your own or print out the sheets in the link below.



Collective Worship

Please see the new Collective Worship section which is found in the Home Learning part of our website.

Happy Easter

Reception Phonics

We have added links to sound mats to help with your reading and writing. You could also see how many you can read in a minute or ask your grown-up to say a sound for you to find. 



Welcome to Week 2 

We hope you enjoyed taking part in some of our suggested activities last week and that you were able to spend some time safely enjoying the sunshine. This week we will be beginning to think a little more about Spring and Easter. 

Take care,

Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Bush, and all the EYFS staff team

Week 2 EYFS RE

EYFS Fine Motor Skills Activities

Click on the link below for some great dough recipes.

You can use your fine motor skills to help measure, tip, pour, scoop or mix the ingredients.  

When the dough is ready you could use it with the dough disco music or perhaps you could sing along to your favourite songs while rolling, poking, squeezing or pushing the dough.

Week 2 EYFS Maths Challenges

Welcome to Week 1


In RE we have been thinking about why Christians have a cross in the Easter Garden

Today Early Years received a letter from Tom and Tessa.

Still image for this video

Crosses made by the adults in EYFS - perhaps you could make your own

EYFS Understanding The World Challenge

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

EYFS Fine Motor Skill Activities

EYFS Maths Challenge

To find various ideas to do with your child please click on the Children section 

then click on Class Pages section then click on the EYFS link.


Then scroll down the screen and click on the useful links section.


We have added links various links for following areas:



Maths Games

Wake and Shake

Dough disco