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A warm welcome to 5/6C's web page. What a wonderful class they are!

On this page you will see everything that we have been studying this year. 

The 'Home learning' page is where I will communicate with you and keep you up to date with any fun home learning ideas. On that page you will find work which will be set for the children to do while they are off. This page is located at the bottom of the blue 'Children' tab. It has been split into year groups to make it easier and more efficient to set work.  


From Miss Green and Mrs Wellicome smiley   

This year we have studied....

Autumn Term 


Archie's War - this book is about a 10 year old boy who lives in East London during WW1. The book is written from Archie's perspective in the form of a scrapbook. While reading this text the children completed  a range of English writing activities, these included: writing a character profile in a scrapbook style, writing and presenting an argument for or against war, an informal letter, a war poem, a newspaper article about the Blitz and a recount of a key event in the book.

Otto- this book is about a teddy bear called Otto and his adventures during WW2. It introduces the children to key events that happened in WW2 though pictures. From these pictures, the children had to create their own stories about Otto's adventure. 


  • Light 
  • Materials 


  • Stories of creation 


  • Netball. 
  • Dance. 


World War 1- During this topic we explored the reasons WW1 started, the impact it had on British people and how and where it was fought.

World War 2.- During this topic we looked at key events which happened during the war and put them in chronological order; the evacuation of the children; rationing and the blitz. 


Textiles - To design and make a Christmas tree decoration.

Spring Term 


The Executioner's Daughter - is a text set in the Tudor times. The main character, Moss, is a prisoner in the Tower of London, with her father, who is the king's executioner. Moss hates her life in the tower and one days finds a way to escape though a secret tunnel, where she learns that her life isn’t what she believes it to be and she doesn’t know who to trust. Her search for the truth takes her on a journey along the great River Thames where she meets Anna Boleyn and the River Witch. While reading this text the children completed  a range of English writing activities, these included: writing a letter to Henry VIII, creating a narrative poem, writing a setting description and continuing a chapter. 


  • Life cycles 
  • Evolution 


  • Buddhism
  • People of God


  • Tag Rugby 
  • Hockey


- The Tudors

  • How the Tudor family came to rule over England. 
  • The 6 Tudor monarch. 
  • King Henry VIII and his 6 wives. 
  • Mary Queen of Scots. 
  • The Spanish Armada. 


- Local study based on Stratford, looking at the changes over time. 

  • Uses of Rivers 
  • Looking at maps of Stratford to see the change infrastructure. 
  • The change in jobs. 
  • Create a sketch map. 


- App Design.

  • Features and storage of smartphones
  • What is GPS and how can it be used in Apps?
  • App market research 
  • Design an App 
  • Present the App. 

Spring term 2- Weekly timetable. 


Time Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday  Friday  
9.20-10.25 Maths  ICT Maths Maths Collective worship
10.30-10.50 Collect worship  Collective worship  Collective worship Collective worship Maths
11.10-12.15 English Maths English English English 

Shared reading

Shared reading 


Shared reading Spellings 
1.45-3.00 Science  Geography  French  RE  P.E.


Other subjects to be covered: 

  • D.T. 
  • Art 
  • History