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Claudia's Photo Challenge (Can you guess the object using the clues?)

It was a cold and stormy night. My feet firmly planted on the ground I look up at a defiant sky, the dome of our existence. I see no fairness there, no sense of responsibility. Today it was dark, angry, bitter spitting rain, hail, fire and brimstone. The sky, brewing a poisonous potion ready to hand it out to anything that gets too close. No one was out in this weather, other than me. The beach had never been so desolate, so lonely. I was wandering around the small village, hopping someone would find me and take me in, feed me, make me feel safe. My family barely had any money, just enough to pay for school. The flickering street lights were only just bright enough for me to see. A sea so troubled I did not recognise it, was this actually the place I live, the place I was born? Slowly but surely I gave up, my legs gave way, as if I had just ran a marathon. The frost bitten breeze gently lulled me into a deep sleep.


I woke up the next morning the sun rising and the bird sound I had set as my tone on my alarm clock woke me up.

‘What a strange dream’ I thought to myself. I had never had one like that before. It felt like I was in the olden days. I checked the time on my phone, stretched out and got dressed. As I walked down stairs the house went silent, something was wrong about where I was. I wasn’t at the place I knew, not in my house. No one was in the kitchen, chatting and having a conversation. Where was I?


by Lily

The Battle of Stanford Bridge.


The battle of Stanford Bridge, was a fearsome battle over the English crown.


After King Edward had died without leaving an heir to the English throne four candidates wanted the English crown. After the decision was made by the Witten Harold Godwinson was crowned King of England.


However, William Duke of Normandy (another candidate) and Harald Hardrada (also another candidate) were not happy. They both made plans to invade England and get the English throne.


Harold II heard of this and sent his troupes up to protect his crown and country. Due to the wind from the north William could not get to England and therefore all the English troupes went home to London. On the other hand, Harold was being pushed closer by the wind and his Viking long ships where pushed successfully to the English banks.


King Harold II, however, was infuriated. He sent his troupes back up to York and covered 210 miles in 10 days. Completely unarmoured (as they weren’t expecting any trouble) aside from a few weapons they always carry the Vikings had no choice but to start fighting.


The only thing separating the troupes was a river with a thin bridge called Stanford bridge. After the Saxons defeated the Viking trying to guard the bridge, they filtered over to the Viking camp. Eventually, they Saxons defeated Harald and his troupes and went home King Harold II still king of England. Out of the 300 ships taking Vikings to England only 24 returned home. 


By Claudia


I once saw a Walabat,

It swooped down,

And stole my hat,


So I chased it round the park,

Then I saw,

A Hulubark,


Then the Hulubark took my hat,

And so I had to,

Chase round that,


Soon after that I got back my hat,

But then it was stolen,

By a kangarat,


That hat was the best one,

To women and men,

So I screamed “Fudgenickle”,

And did it all again.


By Lucy 



On my first day of freedom, 

I'll froleck about on my street, 

I'll do cartwheels in the middle of the road, jumping high as I go, 

I'll hug my friends and laugh and cry, 


On my second day of freedom, 

I'll go to a fast food place and buy everything on the menu, 

I'll go shopping for clothes with family and friends, 

I'll go to the beach and let the crystal waves hit me, 


On my third day of freedom, 

I'll go to school and see teachers and friends, 

I'll be grateful for everything, 

Realising I've just went down in history. 


By Milana