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Welcome to 5/6A


Teachers: Mrs Williams (Monday to Wednesday) and Mrs Young (Thursday/Friday)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Wellicome



Welcome to the Amazing 5/6A's web page. This will be a place where you can see all the exciting learning we have been doing and will be doing over the school year. 


This page will be a way for Mrs Williams and Mrs Young to communicate with you and keep you up to date with lots of home learning ideas.


For work which will be set for the children to do while they are off please look at the 'Home Learning' page which is located at the bottom of the blue 'Children' tab,. It has been split into year groups to make it easier and more efficient to set work. 



From Mrs Williams, Mrs Young and Mrs Wellicome



Next week please can children bring in their favourite book. We will be asking the children to write a book review all about it and will also be spending time listening to children read. 

School Values Award

This week our star learner was Isaac H.  Isaac was given the award for displaying the value of ChallengingHe always listens, work hard and sets high expectations for himself. We have been especially impressed with the work he has produced in English and that all tasks are conducted with a smile and a great sense of humour.  

Well done Isaac!

Headteacher's Award

This was our week to nominate a pupil for the Headteacher's Award and we are very proud to announce Harvey as our recipient.

This has been a very long half term but, each day, Harvey has come into school with a smile and a positive attitude.  He has worked really hard on staying focussed and being brave and, because he is such a lovely chap. this has been done with huge support from his classmates.  In fact, when the reason for giving the award was read out all the class turned to Harvey and said 'it's you' and broke out into spontaneous applause.

Well done Harvey.

This year we will be studying....

Autumn Term 

Topic - The Iron Age 


The Arrival by Shaun Tan 

The Arrival is a silent graphic novel. Through a series of connecting images, it tells the story of an anonymous migrant leaving some unfortunate circumstances in his home country, crossing an ocean to a strange new city, and learning how to live here.                         




We will be following the White Rose scheme for maths this year. 



Autumn 1 - Earth and Space 

Autumn 2 - Electricity 



Autumn 1 - What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain? 

Autumn 2 - Incarnation - Was Jesus the Messiah? 



Remember to wear your PE kit to school on a Wednesday and Friday.

Autumn 1 - Playground athletics and hockey 

Autumn 2 - Dance and football



Autumn 2: The Iron Age 



Autumn 1: Marvellous Maps 



Sketching and Picasso Portraits



Textiles - To design and make a functional accessories using recycled textiles

Week Three Work

What an amazing third week we have had.  5/6A have continued to work hard and enjoyed opportunities to encourage and challenge both themselves and one another.

In English we have studied Night of the Gargoyles and had great fun creating freeze frames of each other as gargoyles, investigating powerful verbs to describe a gargoyes' movements and imagining scenes where gargoyles could go out at night and create chaos!


Full thanks to Mrs Williams for introducing us to this amazing book! 

In maths we have been investigating numbers in real life.  Looking at number patterns,  ordering, comparing and rounding positive and negative numbers with an opportunity to apply these skills in Active Maths on Friday.

In the afternoons we have been using maps in geography to locate different countries and places on Earth whilst in Science we have been exploring the different planets in the Solar System. Shared reading has also seen us read The Tyger by William Blake and the children writing their own stanzas in his style. 

On Friday we were very lucky as Inbal gave her insight on Rosh Hashanah and shared a powerpoint teaching us all about her family celebrations, wishing us a fruitful new year and giving us great advice on being the head(of a fish)and not the tail as we start our year in 5/6.

Thank you Inbal.




Week Two Work

Our second week back and the children have been settling in well, making new friends and impressing us with their enthusiasm and hard work.  

This week we started to explore the Oliver Jeffer's book 'Here We Are' and thought about the impact of lockdown on our environment and the things we loved most about earth.  We also practised our cartoon skills and imagined how Oliver Jeffers would draw us-We love these.  Can you guess who we are?


It's lovely to see our classroom walls being filled with the children's work and we wanted to also share some of the writing completed in class this week. 

We are so proud of you all  5/6A-have a restful weekend!



Week One Work

This week we got off to an amazing start by designing Magic 100 squares and sharing facts about ourselves and creating scrapbook pages 'All About Me!'

The children were super creative and it's been a real pleasure  reading them and learning all about each other.



Next, we shared our thoughts about tricky times -building resilience, staying positive and being brave.  We looked at the Charlie Macksey book 'The boy,the mole,the fox and the horse" for inspiration then created our own.  How brilliant are these! We are so impressed with our class-I think we could publish our own book with the talent shown here!

We also listened to the song 'When I Grow Up' by the cast of Matilda.  We thought of all the incredible careers we may have and what we could do to achieve that dream.  

We will share those next week.