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By Ben - a selection of excellent Home Learning work completed by Ben, well done!

By Percy - the first section of an extremely gripping story. Well done Percy!

By Katie - a delicious looking Indian restaurant menu, what would you choose?

By Katie - information report on Indian Gods.

By Keryn - a busy week of India themed learning, including a delicious home-made curry, well done Keryn!

By Keryn - Information powerpoint on the Taj Mahal.

By Eliza - a letter written to all of you, inspired by Katie's letter, does anyone else want to send one ?

By Percy - Percy decided to complete work on something that interested him. A great powerpoint about Greek Gods, well done Percy!

By Katie - A beautiful Rangoli pattern.

By Katie - A geographical comparison of India and England. Great work!

By Katie - a delicious looking Methi Chicken Curry, she even ground some of her own spices!

By Katie - fantastic work as always but Katie has also written a letter to the class. It would be lovely if lots of you replied to her!

By Anya - a well presented and informative piece of work on the 7 Wonders of the World. Well done Anya!

By Eliza - a delicious looking curry and other fantastic work from the India Home Learning Pack. Well done Eliza!

By Keryn - a variety of super work on India, what a busy week you have had Keryn!

Excellent work on Planets by Ed!


By Ben - a variety of activities from the last few weeks, excellent presentation Ben, well done!

By Anya - beautiful space themed activities, super work Anya!

By Katie - more space themed work!

By Katie - fantastic work on our space topic. Well done Katie.

By Keryn - What a lot of work! An amazing job, Keryn!

By Eliza - Some great presentation Eliza on your Space Home Learning, well done! We love your plants mnemonic too.

By Anya - fascinating information on South America, well done Anya !

By Katie - a very impressive Race Across the World Project travelling the length of South America, well done again Katie for consistently great work!

By Keryn - Keryn is consistently working hard at her Home Learning, here are a selection of last week's activities. Great work!

By Percy - Some very high quality work by Percy, look at the detail he has included in the eye drawing. Well done Percy!

By Katie - some South America work. Katie's commitment to her Home Learning is very impressive, well done Katie!

By Oscar - Oscar has been busy writing to his neighbours to check they are ok, well done Oscar!

By Anya - a great front cover design for National Geographic Magazine, great work Anya!

By Keryn - Rainforest powerpoint

By Keryn - a great range of activities created! Amazing work Keryn!

By Katie - another busy week for Katie completing some fantastic activities from the Home Learning Pack - fantastic work Katie!

By Isla - Australia work on the Great Barrier Reef, a World Map, painting and even some baking! Great work Isla!

By Keryn - Maths, a letter, Australia - Keryn has been working very hard in all areas! Well done!

By Percy - a fantastic Vikings powerpoint, read it carefully as Percy has included a quiz at the end! How many points can you score? Great work Percy!

By Isabel - Isabel has written a Kenning, can you guess the animal? Well done Isabel!

By Keryn - a huge selection of some of the work Keryn has been completing including work on Easter and Australia. Fantastic job Keryn!

Katie's Australia themed home learning and story using the whole alphabet, well done Katie!

Tom's VE Day poem inspired by the stories his Grandpa told him about his experience as a 5 year old during WW2.

Katie's diary written as an evacuee returning home after the war and celebrating VE Day.

By Katie

By Ben

By Owen

By Filip